The Creative Force Behind SLM – Elena Scheiner, Graphic Designer

This month everyone is highlighting the role women have played throughout the world and in history. We want to highlight the wonderful talent we get to work with not just this month but every day, below is a quick Q/A on Elena one of our Graphic Designers who has been with our team since 2010. Elena truly was a gem to find, she loves what she does, works harder than anyone else from her generation and is uber talented to boot.

ELENA SCHEINER | Graphic Designer


1. What was your First Job and what did you do there, what do you love/still love about it?

My first job was CVS, unfortunately there wasn’t much to love about it. My first internship was a lot better. I interned at Perry Ellis International, it was a great experience being able to work in all the different departments. As well as seeing what they do and learning about fashion from such a large corporate company.

2. Who is your mentor/inspiration and why? Please describe said person in 1-3 sentences.

My Mom is my inspiration because she just deals with all of life’s challenges without a fuss and with a brave face.

3. What was the hardest thing you ever had to do?

The hardest thing I had to do was move away from home for college at 18.

4. Best piece of advice for other women?

Best piece of advice, is to just be you! Don’t let others influence how you live your happiness.

5. Favorite book/or song right now?

Ed Sheeran- Shape of you

6. Cake or Pie?

Cheesecake. Technically still cake.

7. What fictional character do you wish you could meet?

Aladdin- Who doesn’t want to ride a magic carpet?

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