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amazon button

Amazon’s Dash Buttons hint at a future of interface-free shopping

Last Friday, 16 Larabars and an 80-count box of Glad garbage bags arrived at my door. These items are unremarkable, except for this: I ordered them by pressing some buttons on or near my kitchen countertop. Online shopping — or we’ll-certainly-need-this-for-the-apocalypse impulse shopping — can now be done with a light press on a small,…

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food package design

Get started with food packaging design

Lisa Hassell extracts some insightful packaging design tips from six top industry pros. In the days before advertising, the concept of packaging design was virtually unknown. Today, FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) is a massive, lucrative industry with billions of pounds spent on packaging that plays on our tastes, lifestyles, emotions and aspirations to sell…

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font glasses

These glasses let you see the world through your favorite typeface

It’s cool to understand typography now, to have a favorite typeface, and to be able to bore your friends about the differences between Arial and Verdana. The Japanese company Type wants to put your favorite typography on your face in the form of glasses. Type has created two lines of glasses that take design inspiration…

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The ultimate Web typography guide

I’m sure you already know cool places on the Internet to find interesting, nice and fun stuff about typography and graphic design, but yet, here you are reading this article ;). But I digress. Let me present you with some ofFontyou’s favorite blogs and websites that help us stay creative, and kill a few hours.…

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designer block

How to conquer designer’s block

It happens to everyone from time to time. A creative block. An empty mind. Staring at a blank screen and wondering, “well, what do I do now?” Photo credit: “Waitin.” Khalid Albaih. Creative Commons. Some people prefer to just wait it out, but that’s not always an option with deadlines, anxious clients, or your own…

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everyone is a designer

Why everyone is a designer… but shouldn’t design

“Design is everywhere, inevitably everyone is a designer,” says Tim Brown of IDEO. That’s something we’ve heard time and time again. Because if you’re a problem solver, you’re a designer. Even Don Norman, who coined the term “user experience,” says that everyone is a designer. As he writes: “We are all designers. We manipulate the environment,…

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Don’t Forget Print, Your Best Marketing Ally

Small businesses are always looking for ways to bring in new customers, but when you consider the plethora of marketing tools available it can be overwhelming for many business owners to use the power of all available channels for optimal growth. Keeping up with the demands of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram is a…

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