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Innovative Creative Branding Through Drones

In Leeds, England, DS.Emotion, a creative agency that specializes in destination marketing, is using drones to help create innovative branding campaigns for clients. Drones have gone mainstream and what used to be relegated to military engagement has found its way into just about every market sector from agriculture, search and rescue, recreation and advertising to broadcast, terrain mapping,…

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How To Boost Performance Through Thoughtful Workplace Design

Does workplace design boost performance, or is it another passing trend for companies who are grasping at straws in their ongoing quest to be “cool”, innovative or enticing in their efforts for attracting top talent? First, let me be clear: I’m not an expert in the design of physical workspaces. But, having had the privilege…

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A Social Media Platform For Business That Will Profoundly Transform Branding

A new study from the CMO Council entitled, “Making The Workplace A Brand-Defining Space,” suggests that there is a disconnect between our brands’ personalities and the degree to which our employees embody those brand personalities. But a new social media service for business called CultureSphere aims to change all that, and may just put the old “company…

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How Shake Shack Made a 70-Year-Old Font Hot Again

Washington DC has its first official font. All of the city’s communications will be set into Neutra, the same typeface used by the beloved hamburger chain Shake Shack. Lots of cities have adopted official typefaces for their districts or transportation systems. Some, like Eindhoven in the Netherlands and Chattanooga, Tennessee, use custom fonts. New York…

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Coca-Cola Campaigns Against Labels… And Does It Literally

Coca-Cola has been known for its creative advertising with a local touch. This year, they have created a campaign for Ramadan to highlight their campaign to fight against stereotypes and removed preconceived labels on people. And they did it literally. For their campaign for Middle-East countries, Coca-Cola removed their brand name as well as other labels in their…

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